Sunday, 8 January 2012

Modified Separation

All the previous simulations were for  a larger separation between 2 sunspots in a BMR, so that maximum flux is differentially transported.

But now, to study the effect of varying the no. of sunspots per cycle, we need to fix the separation at some value.

For the next post, that will cover the variation of peak magnetic field with respect to variation in no. of errupting BMRs in a cycle, the separation will be fixed such that, the 2 sunspots in a BMR grace each other's boundaries. i.e. separation between their centres is twice their radius. For such a separation, stabilised oscillation is obtained for:
Initial field=3G
The field oscillates between +2.20 and -2.21G

Note: This post should have been before the one below.
The post showing the effect of varying sunspot nos. is below.

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