Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Imbalance Problem

Finally, some results are here, after my workstation laptop suffered 3 reinstallations of all operating systems in 3 days!

Its good to be back after an awesome summer in Montana.

A lot of new things were tried after the last post. The major concern, however was "THE IMBALANCE" of flux which we observed.

We observed that the flux in a sunspot increases/decreases rapidly as it moves around and diffuses. The problem still hasn't been completely resolved yet.

But, to see what is wrong with the code, I tried writing a simpler version of the code following the simple Euler method of solving differential equations and simple finite difference scheme.

It was thought, that this code will be quite accurate atleast for the first few iterations, and can be used to calliberate and validate the results from the full fledged code with various numerical schemes. For simplicity, I will call the simpler code (new) the 'Euler Code' and the previous code the 'Complex Code'.

Here is an example of the problem of Imbalance:
With one sunspot each in both the hemispheres, the following screenshot shows the flux values evolving over time.
1st column: Southern Hemishpere Flux
2nd column: Northern Hemisphere Flux
3rd column: Flux imbalance between the 2 hemispheres.

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